Montessori Wardrobe & Toy Storage

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Introducing our Play & Organize Deluxe Set – a harmonious combination featuring the 4-Tier Toy Storage and the Montessori Wardrobe. We designed this set to bring a perfect blend of playful storage and functional wardrobe space to your child's room.

πŸ“ Dimensions:

4-Tier Toy Storage
Heigth: 98cm/38.6in | Length: 73cm/28.7in | Depth: 41.5cm/16.3in

Montessori Wardrobe
Heigth: 98cm/38.6in | Length: 98cm/38.6in | Depth: 41.5cm/16.3in

🌟4-Tier Toy Storage

  • Independent Access & Tidy Organization:
    Encourage independence as your child easily accesses and organizes toys with the 4-Tier Toy Storage.

  • Safe and Sturdy Design:
    Rounded edges and a stable structure ensure safety during playtime.

πŸš€ Montessori Wardrobe

  • Top Roller for Hanging Clothes:
    A convenient top roller provides ample space for hanging clothes on hangers, facilitating easy outfit selection.

  • Four Levels of Shelves:
    Organize and display clothes, shoes, and accessories on the four levels of shelves for a tidy wardrobe.

  • Spacious Design for Growing Wardrobes:
    Accommodate your child's growing wardrobe with the generous dimensions of the Montessori Wardrobe.

Create a room where organization meets play, and dressing becomes an independent and joyful experience. Elevate your child's space with the Play & Organize Deluxe Set – where every toy and outfit has its place! πŸ§ΈπŸŒˆπŸ‘•

  • High-quality birch plywood, both in terms of appearance and safety.
  • Invisible and sturdy steel joints that make the structure extremely rigid.
  • Water-based varnish with certifications that guarantee safe use by children: DIN EN 71-3, DIN 53160, DIN 68861

The furniture is shipped flat-packed and requires assembly. Paper instructions included.

Production time takes 5-7 days.

Delivery times by region:

  • USA & Canada 4-7 Days
  • Europe 2-5 Days
  • UK & Switzerland 4-7 Days

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