Low Bookshelf & Toy Storage

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Introducing our Low Bookshelf & Toy Storage Set – a delightful combination of a Low Bookshelf and a Two-Shelf Toy Bookcase, designed to bring organization and joy to your child's play area!

🌈 Showcase and Store:
Encourage your child's creativity! Low Toy Storage serves as a captivating showcase for your child's most cherished items while offering convenient storage to keep the space tidy and inviting. Low Bookshelf invites them to proudly display their favorite books turning organization into a joyful and engaging experience.

πŸ“š Sizes:
Low Bookshelf (Height: 46cm/18.11in | Lenght: 73cm/28.7in | Depth: 41.5cm/16.3in):
Toy Bookcase Fun (Height: 46cm/18.11in | Lenght: 73cm/28.7in | Depth: 41.5cm/16.3in):

πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦ Independent Exploration:
Designed with your little explorers in mind, both pieces foster independence. The accessible heights and thoughtfully arranged shelves empower your child to choose, tidy up, and create their own mini exhibition of treasures.

🌟 Certified Safety:
Top safety. Our furniture is crafted with certified materials and rounded edges, and ensures a secure and delightful environment for your child's play and storage adventures.

Elevate playtime organization with our Low Toy Shelf and Bookshelf Set – where every shelf is a canvas for creativity and every moment is a showcase of joy!

  • High-quality birch plywood, both in terms of appearance and safety.
  • Invisible and sturdy steel joints that make the structure extremely rigid.
  • Water-based varnish with certifications that guarantee safe use by children: DIN EN 71-3, DIN 53160, DIN 68861

The furniture is shipped flat-packed and requires assembly. Paper instructions included.

Production time takes 5-7 days.

Delivery times by region:

  • USA & Canada 4-7 Days
  • Europe 2-5 Days
  • UK & Switzerland 4-7 Days

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